'Tis the season...right?

It's wet and cold, and there's a 100% chance of rain today. I am going to drive 60 miles, to find those plastic, plug-in candles that no one uses any more because THAT'S WHAT I WANT. And then I'm going to drive 40 more miles to find a solid wood door, to cut in half and paint to make shutter doors. There are traffic accidents EVERYWHERE and you have to be CRAZY to get out in this but...I'm gonna get some Christmas spirit if it kills me.

The signs are not good. The Nice Kid went out to the car this morning to get her basketball bag and...lost my car keys. We spent 15 minutes looking for them, so I pulled out my auxilliary set. The Not Nice Kid went out to the car to get her lunch bag and...lost my car keys.

I turned around and came back in and told them, "When you're ready? Come get me."

They found that set. TNK had her braces off yesterday and her teeth were hurting, so before we left she took an Aleve. Got two miles from the house and..."Mom, I'm going to throw up."

Took it on an empty stomach, didn't you? HOW MANY TIMES HAVE I TOLD YOU.....

Whipped over into the median when she announces, "I have to have a bathroom. NOW!!!"

Turned around, came home, handled things...we're tardy. Got to school and this morning was the candlelight processional at church so...put them both out. Mz Chris will get you to school. A morning like this? Church is where you need to be.

So now I'm going to find me some plastic candles. And a door. And there's a good chance, on the way in or out? I'll find some good cheese, some better butter, a bottle or two of something that has Christmas spirit measured in percentages.

I just LUV me some holidays....


Nancy said…
Well keep an eye on those keys while out and about! - they're slippery little buggers.
Comet Girl said…
Why do you lock your car considering where you live? oh, nevermind, I forgot about your psycho neighbors.