Completely Incorrect

Yesterday, you'll remember, I dumped on you about my super-scary nightmares.

Aaaand then last night I didn't have one. It seems that collectively you wield some sort of exorcistic powers. Somebody call the Vatican!

Yeay YOU! As a reward for helping me (perception is reality) I'm going to tell you about the completely bizarre and...just plain wrong...dream of last night.

So in the dream, it was MLK Day and members of our town's African-American community were marching down our street. Not like a parade, but like a protest. And they were all wearing beards. Even the women.

And for some reason, Hubster and I were supposed to feed lunch to the participants, so we were off...somewhere...putting together chicken or ham salad (I couldn't tell which) sandwiches. Which, in the spirit of the occasion, I thought should be made using pumpernickel bread.

We got to the last sandwich and we discovered we were out of pump, so Hub wanted to put it on white bread.

I said, "Are you KIDDING? Do you know how offensive it would be to serve a platter full of pumpernickel sandwiches with ONE white sandwich on top?! On a HOLIDAY? To people wearing beards?" Flawless logic, have I. Even in my sleep.

We still hadn't decided what to do, when I woke up.

And THAT is a perfectly lovely, normal dream!


lol those are the dreams I love to have the ones that you wake up and think WTF? And then laugh about them. Let's hope you have PLENTY more of those and less to none of the others!
Donna in AL said…
I never had good dreams, they were always about something happening to my little brother or me going off a bridge in a vehicle. (reason for not liking bridges to this day). All that was before I smoked a little weed in the late 70's. I do not remember any dreams since then. Occassionally I will wake in the middle of one and remember a little of it.
jackie said…
Well, there's the answer. Maybe I need to start smoking my dinner. God knows I eat 'weeds' every time we have mesclun salads....
City Girl said…
Umm... okay, am using Hub's laptop because mine melted down. Total blue screen.

So that comment is mine, not Jackie's!! - CG2
Alicia said…
dang lady, you need to keep a journal of these dreams! lol...but man, that sandwich looks good!
Governor Jen said…
Speaking of dreams, have you seen It's about a woman who posts what her husband shouts out in his sleep. It provides some great dream hilarity.