How do they get around?

These youngsters running the world, who CAN'T be old enough to drive? They're everywhere...government offices, grocery stores, teaching my kids.

I went in to buy facial cleanser...this time of year is rough on over-40 skin. It's a BITCH if you're 53. The young thing behind the counter started her spiel and I explained...I just need the regular cleanser. True to her calling, she began extolling the virtues of "exfoliating." I explained that I am a firm believer in the trusty Buf-Puf. Have been for 40 years. Doing fine, thank-you.

And she looked at my 53-year-old skin and my baggy shirt and my men's jeans and my worn wedding band and, in all seriousness, explained, "We don't recommend Buf-Puf. It can cause break-outs. The bacteria, you know."

I just stood there and looked at her, deadpan. Breakouts? Breakouts? You mean like...ZITS?

She stared back for a minute, and then must have realized that...umm...breakouts...zits...bacteria...umm...well...wrinkles...high blood pressure...ZITS?

Finally, I just burst out laughing. "Honey," I said, "I've never had a zit in my life and the odds of my getting one now are...slim to none. Sure, there's adult-onset acne but...I'm pretty much adult-onsetted. Looks like I dodged that bullet, too."

Zits. I have a husband hopping in and out of the hospital, a dead dog, a spider infestation and a sink full of dirty dishes and now...OMG!! It's the zit fairy.

Good thing Short Stuff was there to warn never know what life-altering threat is lurking around the corner ;)


LOL this is awesome! I didn't start getting zits until I started using make-up at age 21... Now that I'm 33 I'm convinced it's all due to my make-up. What is this magical buf puf you speak of... dish sister!!!

Needless to say I think I'm going to pretend I'm in my 20's and look like Jessica Simpson and give Proactive a try - just for the hell of it.
Anonymous said…
Hahahaha...thanks for a trip down memory lane! The Bufpuf! Classic!