Parody of the Year

To quote a modern-day prophet, "I don't care who you are, that's funny right there."

Courtesy of frequent commenter, Baby Boy.


alejna said…
That was great! I was prepared not to be amused, but I was in spite of myself. Thanks for sharing.

Also, my "word verification" right now is "spoodif." That's pretty damn funny, too. Spoodif.
Alicia said…
HAHAHAHAHAAA! my husband would LOVE this!
Melissa said…
That's funny!

Almost as funny as it will be tonight when my Horns whoop up on your pathetic tide...

Care to wager some cookies?
City Girl said…
Alas, Mel, I am not a Tide fan so I don't actually care if they get whoop'd on. :o)

You have, however, reminded me that I owe you cookies. Not because I actually *owe* you cookies, but because I always think, "I should bake cookies and send some to Austin."