The Rare and Elusive Meme

First of all, the Spammers have descended and as a result I had to remove the last post.

I don't know how they found us, but I suspect that somewhere in China a geek working the graveyard shift at a remote data center Googled - before it's too late - the term "fellating" and that opened the floodgates.

So today we are playing it safe, and this cuss-free, innuendo-free, practically Disney-worthy post is about me/us playing along with Fab Boy's iPod meme.

Now, you may have noticed that except on rare occasions this blog is a meme-free zone.

However, 2010 is the third year running that Fab has participated in this meme, and every year I feel like I've learned a bit about him after reading his replies. Which is pretty darn cool. And it's about time we played along, as he did ask very nicely.

Here are the first five randomly selected songs from my iPod. I swear to you that I will not tamper with them by skipping over the truly geeky ones. ::fingers crossed behind my back::

I am nervous.

A drum roll, maestro, please....

1. Counting Crows, Children in Bloom from Recovering the Satellites
Ah, reminds me of good times, back when I was young and carefree and living it up in Florida. Although, honestly that entire decade is a bit blurry. Killed a lot of brain cells following Jimmy Buffet's example of drinking "frozen concoctions" on the beach.

2. Charlotte Church, Dream a Dream from the totally-free-of-charge iTunes Holiday Collection
Great. Nice. So much for my reputation. I do not, I swear to all dieties, listen to Charlotte Church. Unless she's singing on the Catherine Tate Christmas Special.

3. War, Low Rider from my 100% Funk CD
It doesn't matter how many movies feature this song, it always reminds me of Cheech and Chong's Up In Smoke. Was this song even on that soundtrack? IMDB's servers are crashed because of the Golden Globes Awards, so I can't look it up....

4. Billy Joel, C'Etait Toi, Glass Houses
The story behind the album: Listening to the radio when I was a tiny child, I heard an Allman Brothers song. Except that when the song ended and the DJ came on, he said it was a Billy Joel song. Sounded right to me - I didn't know Billy Joel or Greg Allman from Scooby Doo.

So the next time I was out with the parental unit, I bought Glass Houses, completely in error. But from that fateful purchase - my first music purchase, ever - was born a love for The Piano Man that remains true to this day. Even through his unnecessarily upbeat, and ridiculously bubble-gummy Christy Brinkley period.

5. YoYo Ma, Wapango from Obrigado Brazil - Live in Concert
What can I say? I love 'Da Ma. Saw him in concert three years ago - wanted to throw my panties, but a bunch of women using walkers rushed, as best they could, the stage and I couldn't get close enough.

FYI - The next two selections from the iTouch were Billy Squire and Jimmy Durante...I am sincerely afraid that I may be suffering from multiple personality disorder.
"No you're not!"

Shut up! Yes I am.

CG1, care to join in the fun?


hswilkinson said…
1. "Don't Give Hate a Chance" by Jamiroquai
Great song for an uplifting booty shake.

2. "Weight of Time" by Rise Against
Honestly, I'm not familiar with this one, but the band is great. Discovered them on terrestrial radio (Denver 93.3).

3. "Days Go By" by Dirty Vegas
One of my favorite songs.

4. "Get Ur Freak On" by Missy Elliott
Yes, a very specific selection of rap resides on my nano.

5. "Drunken Lullabies" by Flogging Molly
Woo! Drunken Irish rock!! Break out the whiskey!
City Girl said…
You like Flogging Molly? I LOVE Flogging Molly! "Its been the worst day, since yesterday."
@eloh said…
I was told that getting Chinese porn meant that you had "arrived" to the big time in blog world.
I wish I had my ipod here at work. And I love me some Billy Squire!