Some things never change...

Normally, parents raise their children and go through specific stages. Spread three kids out over 20 years and...there's no rhyme or reason to anything.

But some things stay the same. That would be men and boys.

We're driving into town this morning, the 14-year-old Nice Kid in the front seat and the nine-year-old Not Nice Kid in the back. We pass a school bus.

The Not Nice Kid: "Nice Kid, that boy was looking at you like you were cute."

The Nice Kid: "Lurker."

TNNK: "Yeah. He flipped his hair back and then smoothed it down with his hand. You know, like boy birds fluff up their tails."

It's a damn good thing there are ditches on each side of the keep you from running off into the river when you're laughing too hard to see ;)


alejna said…
That is a perfect analogy!
Comet Girl said…
Spoken like a true Country Kid.