USS Hearth and Home

That, kids, is our new multi-multi-thousand dollar furnace.

And it is HUGE.

I know it is difficult to get perspective from a photo, but look to the left... that's a six-foot fence. The top of the unit sits a full foot above the center board, three feet off the ground.

So, you know the heat went out a couple of weeks ago. Fortunately, the weather warmed up at the same time and Hub was wishin' and hopin' that even though he knows it's only January, maybe spring is just around the corner?

No such luck. "They" are forecasting ice, snow, blah, blah for the weekend. Also, it's pretty damn cold in here in the mornings and I'm tired of having to elbow cats out of the way to huddle in front of the fireplace.

When I got home last night, the house smelled...weird. Like an old car. WTF?

Hub noticed me sniffing around and said, "That's oil burning off the coil...of our new furnace."


I ran outside, behind Hub, and knew something was askew (a la Lewis Black) when he stopped me at the gate, got serious and said, "I have to warn you - it's a battleship."

A battleship?

And, viola. As you can see, above, it is indeed a battleship. Destroyer class. Practically an aircraft carrier.

Holy How Do You Hide It?, Batman.

We thought our old unit was big. Pish. That was friggin' petite compared to this bad boy. And our house is only 1,100 square feet! But, I guess when you need an electric/gas heat/air combo, this is what you get.

A battleship.

It's going to take a LOT of azalea bushes to dress up that thing.

Maybe I should paint it pink - like Operation Petticoat?


Mrs. Gamgee said…
Yay for heat!

If you go with pink, I recommend adding some purple polka-dots. :)
Comet Girl said…
So much for back to the future! It's a three dog night tonight and you only have two dogs so it's a good thing you have the USS City Girl!
Sunny said…'re here in SC?
Congrats on the new heat source.
We'll need it this weekend.
We got a new heat pump this summer to the tune of $7500. Which BTW is situated directly UNDER my bedroom window so I always feel like I am sleeping at the end of a runway.
New Heat pump: $7500
New Convertible: $5000
New SUV: $6600
Dog dental bill: $3000
Hubby sobbing over our bank balance:
Sad but priceless.
Indigo said…
ohmygosh that is bigger than my master bathroom, I'm sure of it. I think an above ground hot tub *might* hide it. A little bit. Maybe. Totally worth a try.