Welcome to the first day of WHAT?

Twenty ten. Who'd a thunk it? I was born in 1956 and more and more...when I have to click on a list of years to find my birth date? 1956 isn't on the opening screen. Pisser.

I missed my favorite party of the year today. Domestic crisis. (You made an F in WHAT?) And timing crisis. (You have to be WHERE at 10 o'clock Saturday morning?) My friend M is an oasis in an otherwise out-of-control lifestyle and one of the few places I don't...have to be "on." And I missed the party. Damn good thing there are 364 more days to make up for it.
Had the loveliest New Year's...right here at home. To paraphrase Mz Rachel..."going out for New Year's is for rookies." Had my oldest friends (if you've known me for 53 years and you're still here? You like me!!! You really really like me!) to the Asylum for dinner. Keeping in mind, no one's been in this house for over a year because of the CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) I finally just told them to suck it up and face it...I can cook better than they can. And at our age? How the hell would you KNOW if the baseboards aren't clean? You can't SEE them. We're like a bunch of moles trying to navigate...swapping readers...difering to the person with the best vision.

We're gonna be pitiful when we get old.

A whole beef tenderloin, cooked to 120 at the thick end so that there was something for everyone. Homemade rolls. Roasted garlic mashed potatoes. Salad. Homemade Mississippi Mud Ice Cream Pie. Baked pimiento and cheese for an appetizer. Lots of good wine. Good champagne (did I mention one of these buds owns an liquor store?) Lots of laughing and story-telling and we SO finish each other's sentences.

Thank you, Lord. I have the best friends and the best life and the best place on the planet.

Now if I could just find this awesome DOG a home ;)


alejna said…
"CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome)"

Finally a name to give to my condition! How could I never have heard of that? (We haven't had people over in over a year.)

I'm glad you overcame your own syndrome. It sounds like you had a grand time.
City Girl said…
That dog HAS a home. :: ahem ::