Zombies Rock

Hub and I are probably the last two people on Earth to see Shaun of the Dead, but here we sit watching it, laughing our ever-lovin' asses (arses?) off.

Had NO idea Simon Pegg was in this movie.

Zombies. Simon Pegg. Queen's "Don't Stop Me Now."

"Come and get it! It's a running buffet!"

"Can't we just calm. the. fuck. down?!"

Life. Is. Good.


Tom said…
That scene right there, "It's mournful, it's sorrowful... You're dead and you hate it, GO!!"
One of my all time favorite quotes from that movie! Motivation for being dead! Undead rather.
Not only did Simon Pegg star in that movie, he wrote it and I think he directed it. As well as Hot Fuzz.
I have a friend that knows almost everything there is to know about zombie movies and could tell you all sorts of things about that show, whether you wanted to or not!
Glad you got to see it!
Melissa said…
I love this movie! I was talking about it last night actually, and I couldn't remember the Queen song in question. Thanks for that reminder!

And I am slowly getting over my loss. It's especially hard since the HS where the poor backup qb went is our neighborhood school. Things were subdued around here this weekend, I can tell you.
best. movie. EVER! I love it and I adore Simon Pegg!
fatboyfat said…
Anyone for a Cornetto?

(ps, your word verification is 'bedigo'. It will soon be correct.)