Here's wishing you Golden Spoons...

Never in your wildest dreams would you have voted me Most Likely To Have All Those Kids, but...things happen ;) And there are treasure troves of things to laugh about when your life is full of goofy kids.

When we lived in Texas, we were living a charmed life. (Wish I had appreciated it more at the time!) Great house, great friends, great neighbors, great money, great was good. And one of the things I did then was live celebration to celebration.

We literally have four celebrations in February...anniversary, Valentine's Day, Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras and...something else. Week by week party. The "holidays" started with Halloween and ran through New Year's...I changed decorations more than I changed light bulbs. Kids can make celebrations out of anything and if you're smart? You'll follow.

Of course, to have all this celebrating you need (in addition to event-appropriate alcohol;) "stuff." Dishes. Candleholders. Table cloths. Dangly things and sparkly things and shiny things and things that make noise. When you're dealing with kids? The gaudier the better. (Actually, that's GAWDY, but I'd have to explain.)

So I bought this set of dishes. White dishes with gold stars. We brought them out after Thanksgiving and kept them out until after New Year's. If you ever get the chance to shop at a Garden Ridge? Take it. More fun than the fair. And some time later I was somewhere and there flatware. Lots and lots of flashy gold flatware, in it's nice box, winking at me.

So I bought it. And now, we have white dishes with gold stars and gold things to eat with and honey, if you are a kid you are in dress-up heaven. How cool is THIS?

It snowed last week and the neighborhood kids were everywhere (excepting the devil kid from next door, to whom we still do not speak) and come lunchtime, I called them in to feed them. Hot ham and cheese sandwiches, with beans and chips and hot chocolate and cup cakes and pickles. And for some reason, I picked up the container and put out the gold flatware.

A little boy from down the street was wolfing down his sandwich and when he reached for a fork, he stopped.

And said, in a breathless voice, "Ohhhhhh...golden spoons."

Golden spoons.

Thank you, God, for giving me golden spoons. And wet gloves and cold champagne and a goofy husband and snow in Alabama. For my great-grandmother's little china cabinet and rose bushes, and snot and peanut butter on my shoulder.

I am truly blessed.

Even if my dog DID die ;)


Nancy said…
Having young children is such a magical time. Full of fun and laughter, tears and snot. But all the little ways of celebrating was truly fun. I was just telling my husband last night about the Fat Tuesday cake I ordered all the way from New Orleans for Mardi Gras one year. He said: Huh? He didn't remember the smashed up cake that arrived for our little family celebration that one year. But we had plenty of neighborhood "dance in the moonlight" parties, with friends that are still dear. I'm so glad you did, too.

Thanks for an uplifting, dear, post to get the week off to a good start. I'm really, really, sorry if your dog died...
suzicate said…
So sweet! I hosted our church youth one Christmas and set out all of the china and crystal. They were amazed (and so was I) that I trusted them to use it. It was awesome. We used to be (when our kids were young) the house that fed the neighborhood kids...good times. Sorry about your dog.
Malisa said…
Girl, I have been sitting in a hospital room in Houston, Texas, all week with my husband. I was looking for a reason to smile and your post just did it! I mean I got goosebumps and the corners of my mouth turned up...that has to be good, doesn't it? I think you reminded me that I need to be grateful for my "golden spoons". Thanks and sorry about your dog!

Country Girl said…
Oh, Lord, Malisa...will he be okay?
Dory said…
Awwwwww... this post was Teh Hawsum! I may or may not have gotten a little verklempt. Shut up. I SAID SHUT UP.
Country Girl said…
You only did that so I'd have to look up "verklempt," didn't you? ;)