Today was the day...

...I was going to get my blog posting mojo back.

It snowed.

Fucks me up every time ;)

I went to a Mardi Gras party Saturday night and lo and behold...there was my first boss. A lovely lady who (no lie) was the Society Editor of the local paper. I was the Assistant Society Editor. I was 18 years old.

The highlight of the night? Her son (who was 12 when I worked for his mother) telling me I was his first wet dream. I laughed, before I realized...THE KID WAS SERIOUS.


And then, The Big Boy dragged me out at 11:30 when it turns out I was playing Drinking Games with college boys and...they weren't doing it right.

College Boy: Jack...all the men take a shot.

College Boy...Queen...all the ladies take a shot.

Me...CARD!!! Everyone drinks!!!

Me...CARD!!! Everyone drinks!!!

Me...CARD!!! Everyone drinks!!!

Me...QUEEN!!! Everupme drlplsls!


City Girl said…
Tell me we weren't both at the St. Joe's party!
Tom said…
LMAO!! THAT is how a drinking game should go! If you're gonna drink, best get to it and quit screwing around!
LOL!!! I love and miss drinking games.

I love your wet dream story. I had a good friend in HS, his brother was a freshman when we were seniors. A few years ago while at a local bar I ran into the little brother - who is now about 2 ft. taller than me. He proceeds to drunkenly tell me that I was the first girl he used as "pleasuring himself" material. I have to say I was actually rather pleased with myself. After I got over the initial shock of course! ;)