War Crimes and Musical Misdemeanors

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(dee-deet dee-dee-dee-deet)

Today Quincy Jones was taken into custody for orchestrating the revival of We Are the World.

He will be tried in The Hague on charges of Crimes Against Humanity.

Upon hearing the news of Jones' arrest, Bono, lead singer of the Irish rock band U2 and philanthropist whose work on behalf of third-world countries earned him a nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize reportedly shouted:

"Hang him high! I mean, Jordin Sparks? Haven't the Haitians been through enough already? For God's sake, just write a check, man!"

A similar reaction from Irene Kahn, Secretary-General of Amnesty International who is quoted as saying:

"Finally, a legitimate reason for the existence of Guantanamo Bay."

It is also reported that when the song debuted, Elvis spun in his grave causing a 2.5-magnitude earthquake in Memphis, TN and harp-playing angels wept uncontrollably, explaining a freak outbreak of blizzards and flooding across North America.

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Mrs. Gamgee said…
lol... omg, you are so very right!
Anonymous said…
LMAO (totally)

And I finally got back on your friend connect thingy. Turns out Safari hates Friend Connect.
Merisi said…
That, and watching out for Flying Saucers! ;-)
Baby Boy said…
this is Poetry...
Sunny said…
That and John Travolta's photo op in his private 737 pulling up on the Port Au Prince runway.
Thank you, Mr. Travolta!
Comet Girl said…
The Jonas Bros AND Miley Cyrus!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Don't forget the postumus appearance of MJ.