We're Number One

Today Forbes published its 2010 list of Most Miserable American Cities and - surprise! - the number one most miserable place to live in the United States is NOT Detroit!

This year Cleveland overtook MoTown as the Dear God, I Hate My Life capital of the U.S.

On the list, Brown Town is followed closely by a slew of other Midwestern cities including - I am horrified to say - sweet home Chicago.

Yeah, yeah...save your comments. I'm still homesick. Rampant crime, 10% sales tax and 10% unemployment build character, I tell ya.

So Congratulations, Detroit! No longer do you have to end every awkward cocktail party conversation with, "Yeah, but we have a really nice airport!"


Poor Cleveland. I especially like the Cleveland Brown image - I'm a little bit this side of obsessed with him.
Governor Jen said…
Hey, not all Midwestern cities were in the bottom. After all, Milwaukee just got rated the most lesbian-friendly city. Must be all the Harleys. :-)
Nancy said…
It seems like the more than normal in the running.