The Dude Abides Big Time

My teenage-like crush on technology has reached the point that I can't watch a live television broadcast without following along on Twitter or a live blog.

State of the Union addresses are SO much more interesting when random, crazy-clever bloggers make observations about Joe Biden's hair plugs or the depth of Sen. Robert Byrd's catatonic state, while the Prez drones on about serious stuff.

The same thing goes for pop-culture events.

So here are what I think were the best Oscar Tweets from last night:

*I bet when George Clooney heard Jeff Bridges thank his wife of 33 years, he probably really missed his dead potbelly pig.

*I couldn't believe they stuck Lloyd Bridges in the balcony & then I realized he's dead.

*@GaryJBusey I hate watching the Oscars. I'm always scared that I'm going to turn up in the "In Memoriam" segment.

*Mathew Broderick should be presenting Best Short.

*Oh, Sam Worthington your glasses make me think you're imperfect and therefore accessible.

*And now Black Eyes Peas is gonna come out and do a big dance number with Oprah and everyone in the audience will join in....

*Lot of beards on the red carpet this year. No, I'm not talking about George Clooney's date.

*Molly Ringwald: Not so pretty in purple.

*She has to keep thanking people or the bus will explode!

Okay, so maybe you had to be there....

Editorial Comment: I've said it before and I'll repeat it until she goes away - Kristen Stewart is a talentless freak. Not only is she not Bella, she can't even act like she's an actress. I understand being shy, but can't you ACT like you aren't?


Indigo said…
You're so right, Kristen Stewart could have handled herself better on stage.

I watched the Oscar's on a dvr delay and I forgot to extend the recording time and I freaking missed the best actor category. Since I was on a delay, I had to stay away from Twitter and FB, otherwise I would have followed along too.