Kiss that girl's feet...

That would be City Girl and you shitty-ass people TOTALLY missed her birthday last month. For shame, for shame.

This is the point at which you throw sticks and stones at MY sorry ass but...I'm working on it.

Two parents in the hospital and numerous hysterical (really) stories and...I will survive. Or prevail. Or kick some dumb driver's ass. ;) Or just figure out how to use this notebook I bought today so I can talk to y'all because you are the only sane people I know.

Noodles. Jenness says I need noodles ;)


Dory said…
Mmmm, noodles. *stares off into the distance and thinks about Mrs. Grass's Chicken Noodle Soup with Extra Noodles*

How did I miss her birfday?!?! DAMMIT!
City Girl said…
It was not my birthday.

It was the 14th Anniversary of the demise of my youth (er..."yute")

Or, if I'm lying about my age - which I totally am - it was the FOURTH Anniversary of the demise of my youth.

And CG2's BDay is 3 weeks. Prepare yourselves, peeps.
Mejis said…
We're the only sane people you know? That's scary. lol
Tom said…
Now wait a minute!! Which one of you is CG1 and which is CG2?! I must have had it backwards all this time!

CG1 ~ I'm sorry I missed the anniversary of the demise of your ute, no matter which one it was.

CG2 ~ Jenness would be right. Noodles are the key.
City Girl said…
Tom: Yeah, my bad. For a minute there I was wishing I was CG1...I think I might have channeled for a moment. Quick! Call Shirley Maclaine!

She is number one. Numero Uno in the blog title, in the mothersphere and in life in general.