My George Carlin Impression

::tap, tap ::

Is this thing on?

Well, hell-o, Kids!

No, an earthquake did not recently rock northern Alabama rendering CG1 and myself internet-less, although that excuse is completely believable.

Life, it seems, is the natural force interfering with all things social, technological and Interwebs-related.

Building on the "Life..." theme, I offer the following observations:

1. If you are killed by a wild animal being held...captive... in captivity? I do not feel sorry for you. If your mother raised you to earn a living teaching said wild animal to perform humiliating circus tricks for the entertainment of humans, I do not feel sorry for her when your sorry ass gets pwnd by an Orka.

2. I confess to having cheered loudly for Canada against the United States in the men's hockey gold medal matchup. Hub said I'm unpatriotic. I said that I prefer to support the team with the most to lose. I mean, c'mon ice hockey was invented in is their national passtime. Besides beer drinking and moose tipping, eh? :: grin ::

You know how it hurts when when Japan beats the U.S. in the World Series? Oh, wait. The World Series is played only among North American teams...My bad. Well, it would hurt, trust me.

3. I am glad I stopped boycotting Inglorious Basterds because of the intentional misspelling. It is a GREAT movie. Typical Quentin Tarantino, but Brad Pitt is funnier than homemade dog shit and Christoph Waltz, as the evil Hans Landa, is unbelievable. If you haven't seen it yet, it is available on Dish Network for $.99 this week - TiVo it!

4. Yes, TiVo is a verb, as are DVR and FedEx. Says me.

5. I dragged my fat ass to the YMCA on Sunday and enlisted. I didn't stick around to actually swim, but I joined. I thought I'd lose at least a pound just by writing a such luck.

6. I want a LeWhif! Check it out:


Mrs. Gamgee said…
Okay... I will cop to being a beer drinking canuck (occasionally)... but moose tipping?!? lol

If you can get yourself close enough to a moose to touch it, let alone tip it, I will personally send you a bottle of the best Canadian beer there is!

Thanks for cheering for our boys tho... the baseball thing is the example I used with one of my American friends. We Canadians, on the whole, don't get really patriotic about much... but hockey is the big kahuna.

That LeWhif thing looks intriguing!
Comet Girl said…
Inglorious Basterds - Loved it! The spelling didn't bother me. I just thought they spelled it the way Brad Pitt's character pronounced it being from East Tennessee and all. Oh and Google, Google is a verb.
Governor Jen said…
You cheered for Canada? Really?!?! And to think I used to like you, in spite of all that Cubs-loving stuff. :-)