Simple answers are the best ;)

My dad had a stroke last week. Went into the hospital on Wednesday, came home Friday with partial paralysis. He'll be fine.

Except he WASN'T so on Monday when the home health nurse got there and he was still in excruciating pain, she called the doctor and sent him back to the hospital. Leaking hematoma on his right hip. This can be fixed.

Except, this is NOT a pleasant person. Cranky. Hateful. Ill-tempered, and being sick doesn't improve his disposition. He has in his mind that being an 80-year-old diabetic entitles him to the occasional illness but the rest of us are thinking, "YOU put up 25 damn bird feeders. Now get up and fill them yourself." ;)

My sister called yesterday, totally outdone. "Where are you? Are you coming to the hospital today?" Yeah, I'll be there. I have to go buy Grouch some boxer shorts...what do you want?

"Go to WalMart," she instructed, "and buy a toilet brush."

There was a slight pause before I pointed out, "It's a hospital. I'm pretty sure they clean the toilets FOR you."

"I KNOW that," she yelled in my ear. (Being a nurse, she thinks she knows everything ;)"It's for Daddy."

Now, I'm no genius but I DO know when to shut up, so I just waited. And sure enough, she explained. Turns out? Grandaddy's feet are itching. And since most of his right side is partially paralyzed, he can't scratch them. So my sister has been standing there scratching the bottom of the man's foot. For a while. And everytime she stopped? He yelled at her.

Y'all...WE FOUND A TELESCOPING SCRUB BRUSH! No lie. Blue oval scrubby thing, with a white plastic handle that TELESCOPES. The Little Kids were tickled to death and went flying into that hospital room as if they were carrying gold. A telescoping scrub brush!!

I know we took a picture but it's not on my phone so it must be on one of the kids and I'll post it. You can thank me later for not using a picture of the brush in actual USE.



Comet Girl said…
Please keep me posted on his progress. My dad will want to know how he's doing. Kiss the ornery old coot for us and give him our best.
Donna in AL said…
Sorry to hear about your dad. I have had one of those telescoping scrubers for a while now. Bought because my fat butt can't scrub the tub good. Works good!