The customer is always WHAT? know I love my camera. My pictures are legend just because I take them and other people don't (but...they're good pictures. Sez me. ;)

So I buy this great camera, and then my camera buddy finds me a great lens and I am a picture taking FOOL. Have been known to take 1700 pictures at one soccer game. I LOVE MY CAMERA.

Earlier this stops working. No theatrics or accidents...I didn't drop it and I didn't spill bourbon on it. It just stopped working. So I sent it to Nikon, they fixed it and seven days later my camera was back and it worked. Life is good.

About two months ago? Picked it up and...same thing. Didn't work. MY CAMERA. So I boxed it back up and shipped it back and...nothing. I sent it FedEx but it took a week to show up in Nikon's system. and you KNOW that's not right. And then, they kept it for a week and then sent it back to me and said...there's nothing wrong with it.

Well. Just. Duh. DO THEY THINK I SENT IT IN FOR THE HELL OF IT? I had to pay the $20 postage this second time....and I have better things to do with $20...(you can buy a plastic flask of bourbon for transitory purposes for $20 and, as I'll explain later, I have a 15-year-old with her permit.) I sent it in because IT DOESN'T WORK! Wrong. This is all wrong.

So they sent it back and I turned it on, tried the lens and the battery (that I had checked out at the battery store) and...My. Camera. Still. Does. Not. Work.

This called for a phone call. Where someone who thought COUNRTY GIRL had an accent talked me through using different lens (Damn. You think? IDIOT) and TAKING OUT THE BATTERY which I had to do to SEND IT TO THEM. And all the other things you do with novice camera users and then finally he said...We'll send you shipping labels. Send it back. Again.

They did and I did.

Two weeks ago Tuesday.

Saturday night? Enough already. So I logged into my Nikon account with the intent of threatening them...
Facebook? Try me. Blog? I'm in. Email? All over the universe.

And there it was...all soft and cuddly and "we're the best and we got your back."

Replace product. Replace. Product.

Two year old camera? Replace product. Which they probably don't make anymore so I'm gonna get a really cool camera. To take my really cool pictures.

Never mind.

I just HAD to open my mouth. As of today, Thursday, my Nikon status has remained unchanged since Saturday. Replace product. I've logged on a dozen times a day expecting "Product shipped," but no. Replace product. So I just called and the guy was...puzzled. Puzzled enough that he admitted: Puzzled. So he's going to "research" the issue and let me know. The Not Nice Kid played the inaugural game of the club soccer's all-girl team last Saturday, scored the first two goals, and I didn't have my camera. This Saturday The Nice Kid has a USTA tournament, and there's a hummingbird banding at 8 a.m. Saturday morning and...I don't have my camera.



City Girl said…
Note to self: Buy a Canon, not a Nikon.

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? The Canon customer service reps probably sit in the cubes across from the Nikon CSRs in Bangalore. Customer service is dead.