Revenge of the Blog

Is anyone out there?

I hear Edward R. Murrow in my head:
"Hello America. This is London calling."

Or maybe I hear Ed MacMahon:
“Heeeere’s The Girls!”
(Nah, sounds like I’m talking about my cleavage)

At any rate, here we are.
Back from the dead, but still not as cool as vampires.
And definitely not sparkly.

Enough time has elapsed (but not time-elapsed, because if the time was time-elapsed we'd have been back ages go)...since we went MIA that both our lives are back in relative order.
Relative to what, you ask?
Good question.

Compared to the economy, we’re in order like Martha Stewart’s sock drawer:
Arranged by color and fiber content.

Compared to where we were 4 years ago, we’re still a hot mess.

But the fact that we now have time to not only send random texts, but actually see each other on a regular basis indicates that it’s time to fire up the ol’ e-lec-tronic soapbox again.

Recent topics of conversation and upcoming posts:

Country Girl’s middle child is now a driver-in-training.
CG1 also has a pellet embedded in her ass – on purpose.
She's recently been alluding to the fact that she’ll be 55 years old and is on the precipice of ...something.
In her words, “The precipice of what? Stay tuned.”
Be afraid. Be very afraid.

I, City Girl, tried and failed to return to college for a second undergraduate degree – at age 43.
I've recovered from the corporate buyout, but could still be laid off on a whim. Good times.
Hub and I are refinancing our house. I am going through the mortgage process for the first time and have never felt like such an idiot in my life. Now that’s saying something.

MOST recent CGCG topic of conversation:
How to un-Friend dead people on Facebook. Our friend, MLF, actually sent us instructions on how to shut down her account - with crypic last message -when she Bites the Big Taco.

So stick around. Comment, even. We need the support of our ePeers!

We are CountryGirl-CityGirl. It has been 15 weeks since our last post.

God, grant us the ability to blog without failing epically

To call out the idiots in our lives without getting caught

And to shine the bright white light of logic where only a dim flicker of horse sense is currently stabled. A-men.


Emily said…
Welcome back!!! Glad you're on the airwaves again.
Anonymous said…
AMEN, INDEED! Hmmm... maybe it's nearing time for me to come off sabbatical... I'm back to composing posts in my head as I nod off to sleep at night; could it be a sign?

SOOOOO glad you're both back in action!

P.S. My capcha word is "readha" which is see as "Read... HA!"
Nina said…
I am your blog priestess and am granting you blogging absolution...this once! I'm soooooooo glad you're back! I've missed you!
Mrs. Gamgee said…
Yay! When I got your comment earlier saying that you were back in business I was almost ready to do cartwheels! I say almost, of course, because it would be useless to try to get this ass up over my head.

Welcome back!
Good to see you!
Indigo said…
Welcome back! Your snark has been missed!
Anonymous said…
so very glad you are back...composing and or composting..whatever..good to you back
fatboyfat said…
Thank God you're back!

There's been a global shortage of sassiness. I tried to bridge the gap, but being English and male I was well out of my depth.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back, ladies!
alejna said…
Woohoo! Now I just have to move you guys out of my "dormant" folder. Or maybel I'll leave you in there and see if your blog can wake up some of the others that have gone to sleep...