A Public Service Announcement

:: standing in a courtroom with my hand on a bible, a talmud and a koran ::

I swear to you, I took this picture on Sunday afternoon at a gas station/truck stop/diner located less than one mile from my home. (Thank the Hubster for finding it when he stopped for gas on Saturday).

Can you imagine the back story? The photograph was taken at the prison...and it seems like maybe they got married there. How did they meet? She looks like a nice girl. Happy. He looks... like he should be in prison.

Did she actually marry him while he was incarcerated and trust him - a convicted criminal - enough to come straight home when he was paroled?

Oh, Jessie, Jessie, Jessie.

Love is patient. Love is kind.
But Love will R-U-N-N-O-F-T and leave your ass the first chance it gets.

So, kids, if you've seen Shane McGee, please call his wife.

I don't feel guilty about leaving their names and her telephone number intact. Since she traveled a hell of a long way, judging by the area code, to plaster this sonuvabitch's face on the wall of a truck stop, I believe we're performing a public service.

I just hope to God that she finds him and that her maiden name is Bobbitt.


Governor Jen said…
So glad you're back. I had to wipe the coffee off my monitor with that one.
Mrs. Gamgee said…
Oh my good gawd! Maybe you should forward her info to Jerry Springer? lol!
Comet Girl said…
Glad you're back! Regarding the flyer.............thinking.........thinking......nope! Got nothin'! Just don't know what to say. This girl has obviously made some really bad choices in her life. LOL! He's not a cocker spaniel!
Alicia said…
oh dear sweet goodness...that's INTENSE! and seriously...he looks creepy! good luck to the happy couple. yikes!