Be afraid... VERY afraid.

I just realized something last night (no, not that)...I am about to freak my kids OUT.

(I know...freak out...split infinitive?...but I SAID what I MEANT.)

The Nice Kid plays tennis as her sport. This is primarily because the skirts are cute and tennis is the only lesson camp I could get her to regularly ;) The Not Nice Kid plays anything that involves coordination, and does it better than everyone else. So we didn't let her play tennis, because that is TNK's sport.

This parenting shit gets old real quick.

But, because they are five years apart in age, we are now at a point where they won't be competing in any aspect of tennis. So TNNK has taken up tennis, in order to give TNK a hitting partner. Also because she's pretty sure that within a year she'll kick TNK's ass, but I can't save every chicken. That's a preceding post.

Last night we go to the city courts so they can hit. And about 7:30 in walk three teenagers...two boys and a girl. Smoking.

SMOKING. How in the HELL are we STILL raising children who smoke? I the previous post!!! THIS SHIT KILLS YOU. And the people around you!!!! It's toxic chemicals, drawn into your body through your lungs. I thought we were EDUCATING our kids? How can this still be happening?


There are four courts, with a divider separating the front two from the back two. We are on the front two. The Dumbasses go to the back two. Produce a football. Finish their butts. Throw a bit.

And then sit down to rest. My girls are still hitting balls, and the boys light up again. During their discussion, which my kids could hear, it turned out that they played on the local (losing) high school football team. They rest a while, get up and throw a (very short) while. Rest a while. Smoked a while.

I considered taking pictures with my phone but didn't...don't want to be responsible for the consequences. This is a small town. But then today? I got to thinking.

If at ANY time you ever see MY kid misbehaving? I want pictures. I want validation. I want backup when I shut down that phone, that computer and that social life. I want to be able to POINT to the pixels while screaming, "YOU DUMBASS."

THIS is what Facebook was invented for. Stalking. Watching your kids. Lurking.

Being a good parent ;(


City Girl said…
Thank The Jeebus camera phones and Facebook weren't around when I was a teenager. Seriously. I was *already* grounded for most of my teens. If my mother had known about the few things that I did, actually, do wrong? I'd still be in a convent on a mountain somewhere.