We established a few months ago that I love the Tumblr.

We've also established that I'm a horny old Cougar, the relevance of which will be revealed momentarily.

So, Tumblr: Tumbling is more detailed and less...self-absorbed?... than Tweeting, but faster and much more concise than blogging.

I follow dozens and dozens of Tumblers (I don't even know if these Tumblr-related parts of speech are real...I'm making them up as I go along).

My current favorite is:
Tap That Guy.

Covertly snapped pics of uber-hot guys (pardon the MIA umlaut). What's not to love? No captions. Nothing clever. Just pretty, pretty images. :: le sigh ::

Clearly, this is a site for gay men, by gay men - just look at the advertising. There is nothing even remotely hetero about an online dating service called Manhunt. Women could never get away with that - much as we wish we could.

Can you imagine? If I started an online dating service for women - of all ages - looking for hot, young guys? My ass would be dragged onto The Today Show faster than you can say, "Reverse Sexism."

But back to the site.

So even though we know this is a site for guys, women should be enjoying it as well!
It is a drug and calorie-free way of brightening your day.
It's friggin' brilliant is what it really is.

Scenario 1:
You broke a heel and missed your train. "Where's my fucking Zoloft?!?"
Wait. It's time to check in with Tap That Guy your iPhone. Ah. That's better.

Scenario 2:
You're stuck in morning traffic, you have cramps and the cat threw up on your great-grandmother's quilt. You start to reach for the emergency bag of M&Ms but pause, "Hmm. I wonder what was posted overnight to Tap That Guy."

You check your BlackBerry while up ahead a concrete truck attempts a three-point turn across four lanes of rush hour traffic.

Half-naked boys in Rome? Check.
Construction workers in Copenhagen? Check.
Hot guy on a train in Paris? Check.

:: blink, blink ::

Why are you sitting in traffic again?

I am Cougar! Hear me roar!