This bothers me...

Okay, Learning Channel...I thought I was broad-minded. Apparently, I was wrong.

"Sister Wives?" About polygamists? Wrong. Just wrong. You are not educating me, you are lending credence to something that is against the law. For a reason.

And as has been pointed out...if God mandated MEN with many WIVES, then somewhere he mandated WOMEN with many HUSBANDS. Which makes a lot more sense. I real.

One woman...three husbands. He only has to come home twice a week. The rest of the time he can watch SportsCenter. He only has to contribute 1/3 of his income...the other two guys are pitching in. This as opposed to one husband/three wives where they're on welfare because the women are always pregnant.

Three husbands? Oh, my. The competition would be lovely. The faucet leaks? My drill's bigger than your's. Need a tree cut down? Wanna see MY chainsaw?

The kids? Claim 'em when they excel. Blame someone else when they get busted.

The thing I read said Joseph Smith got caught fooling around. So he went into the woods and God told him he needed more than one wife.

Well. Hell.

I'm gonna make a list.

Where's the bug spray?


Expat From Hell said…
I read somewhere that Joseph Smith wanted to have his "cake" and eat it, too. Beware of men wandering in the woods: they can come back like Thoreau, or with 29 wives. Sheesh. Anytime those double-wide owners in AZ, NM or NV show up on TV, I cringe. Or in Texas! EFH
Comet Girl said…
Creepy. Joseph Smith kills me. He got mad at his wife and her hen parties so he went into the woods and "God" told him caffine was bad so they couldn't drink tea. Mrs. Smith then went into those same woods and "God" told her tobacco was bad so the men couldn't smoke cigars after dinner. Right back attcha sucker!
City Girl said…
EFH: If Joseph Smith had "eaten more cake" he wouldn't have so many descendants....