Friday Funny...

...and accompanying excuses. From The Blogger Who Needs To Get Her Shit Together...that would be me. I told myself: two posts a week. You can do this. And I soon as IGMST. Homecoming week at the high school which means one kid doesn't get home until ten at night...which means someone has to make the 20-mile drive BACK into town (for at least the third time) to get her. Soccer and basketball overlap for three weeks which means one kid practices for 3-1/2 hours a couple of nights a week. Two college soccer games this weekend, one high school homecoming, one Very Important College game, one BRANCH PARTY for a soccer team and its family members, Fall Festival at the elementary school, two birthday parties.

I asked the trade school to make me a pair of clothesline poles THREE WEEKS ago, and he finally emailed yesterday asking when I'd pick them up. Oh, yeah...WHENEVER I REMEMBER.

So I'll go get the truck at my parent's now and pick up the poles, then go ahead and haul the three sets of outdoor furniture from my sister's, my parent's and my house to the branch. Then I can rinse off the bugs and sweat and go take kids to the homecoming parade. And then I can go shop to FEED the 50-60 people tomorrow and go ahead and make the white sauce and the beans and marinate the chickens. And while I'm moving the furniture I can go up by the barn and cut some pig iron hickory for the big grill. BY MYSELF.

They want three strawberry cakes for Sunday's Fall Festival. And there's a chance I said I'd bake one for the Sunday afternoon birthday party. I'm bad about doing that.

In the midst of all this? The Blogger Who DOES Have Her Shit Together and who already had a Friday blocked. At work. WTH? Have they no compassion?

So here, if this can make ME smile today? It'll all come out in the wash ;)


Nina said…
Where is TBB in all this mess? Surely you could cut some of the driving to get TNK/TNNK/whatever errands done in half? There seems to be too many tasks and not enough hours in the day for one Country Girl to get them accomplished. I realize we are southern, and that implies a certain amount of old-fashioned wifery (aka we do absolutely everything involving kids cause the men have to sit on their butts and recover from their JOBS) bred into us, but come on!!! Just my opinion. Which I voice regularly. Loudly. You probably heard me last week. I think Florida might have missed out on my cantankerous fishwife tones.