Friday Funny...

....because, I'm pretty sure she was serious.

This Facebook post from a friend in Auburn, Alabama:

Chicken drop at the Lodge tonight.

There are no words.

Step AWAY from the telephone, people!

Before someone calls the ASPCA on Auburn Friend, or us, I think "Chicken Drop" deserves - nay, demands - an explanation.

This is what happens at a Chicken Drop:

1. Very eager fundraising-type people construct a giant bingo card from plywood.
2. The fundraisers then scatter Chicken Chow on the horizontally-positioned card.
3. A large hen - dear God, not a rooster - is placed on the free space, at the center of the card.
4. The chicken wanders around, pecks at the feed. Heeeere, Chickie, Chickie!
5. The Chicken defecates.
6. The gathered masses note on which number Chickie has "dropped."
7. The people whose raffle ticket numbers correspond to the defecated-upon digit, win.
8. The losers have to clean up after the chicken. (joking)

I only hope people have sense enough not to serve chicken dinners at Chicken Drops, because that would be wrong on too many levels to count. Winner! Winner! Chicken Dinner!

Of course, it is possible the well-meaning People of The Lodge held a Chicken Drop horrifyingly similar to the 1981 Thanksgiving episode of WKPR in Cincinnati. Although I think the home-video would have, by now, been posted on YouTube, picked up by CNN and broadcast to the world as an example of a typical Friday night in Alabama.


nick said…
We have also done the same thing with cows - cow patty bingo; requires a bit more work. Only in Bama!
Mrs. Gamgee said…
Okey dokey... I was wondering what chicken drop was, but I was afraid to ask!
Country Girl said…
For real...I DIDN'T KNOW THAT. I was all about some Letterman-watermelon drop. Honestly.