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I've accepted - embraced, even - the fact that my life is defined by my profession.

Because it is a kick-ass, although definitely not noble, way to earn a living.

Marketing: Because PR is for pansies.

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Advertising - It's the Other White Meat

Okay, so advertising is not, actually, the other white meat...but neither is pork, really.

And I 'm not in advertising, which is the hipster child of Old Man Marketing.
I don't hang with Don Draper, Michael Steadman or even Darrin Stephens.

But I do lo-oove me some good advertising, which had been limited mostly to print since we record the TV programs we watch and then play them back at random times, skipping through the commercials.

Until Hubster - God, please love him as much as I do - turned on Sunday Football mid-commercial break....and I'm SO glad he did.

Here are the three commercials, played in a row on CBS, that made me laugh my ass off - and once again thank the career gods for pointing me in this direction.


City Girl said…
Before our Canadian and British friends say anything, I disagree with the sentiment that America got cars "right." Maybe back in the 1950s and '60, but in my lifetime? Not so much. Actually, not at all.

I do, however, love the Ken Burns-esque lone fiddle in that commercial's intro. Nice touch.
Le laquet said…
I just love them ALL!