Now they're trying to run her down!

We're sort of like night and day around here. This is what I did this weekend.

Meanwhile, City Girl is out saving the world, making moolah and trying to stay alive.

Personally, I'm glad I'm me. Sounds to me like drive and ambition will get you KILLED :)

Oh, BTW, I'm in New Jersey. Be back Thursday.

I've decided that New Jersey is the Alabama of the North.
Or Alabama is the New Jersey of the South.

Misunderstood. Unappreciated. People have very heavy accents, and border on having their own language.
Smells funny - Alabama b/c of paper mills, agriculture and food processing. NJ because of petrochemicals, pollution and food processing.
NJ Rednecks and AL Rednecks are virtually indistinguishable from one another until they open their mouths.
NJ residents and AL residents respond well to please and thank you and a smile when encountering someone from "not here" because they expect to be made fun of.
If you lay on the charm, they both roll over and show you their bellies. :o)

It's amazing, really.
Totally not afraid anymore.
Except of the NJ Turnpike.
I thought I was going to die. Not because of traffic, because it was so FUCKING confusing. Even with GPS I got lost twice.

She is my primary connection with the outside world because given a choice? I can peel grapes, too ;)


Expat From Hell said…
Also, New Jersey people tend to marry one another. Result: same as Alabama. EFH
City Girl said…
CG1: Did you do that with your tongue?

I think I know of a part-time job you can embark know, to earn extra money.
Country Girl said…
Actually, my friend did. More than once. I'll tell it later ;)
Merisi said…
You would not believe the slew of emotions coming over me upon reading about "making moolah" - I haven't heard that word since I moved to Vienna (and, believe it or not, my Roman friends used it too, way back). I know it's slang, but it feels so warm and comforting, I could wrap myself in it. With fall upon us (for a while now, I hasten to add), I miss the East Coast and the people there more than ever.
Thank you for this golden moment!

I'll be back,
Merisi said…
Can't go without leaving you with my favorite Jersey story: I loved to watch the MacNeil and Lehrer Newshour on PBS. Every now and then, they'd have a poet read, well, poetry. The put on a certain Robert Pinsky (then, or shortly after, Poet Laureate at the Library of Congress, only I did not know that). Every time he read his poetry, I noticed he pronounced the Os in a peculiar manner. I happened to do research at the LOC when one fine day I encountered Robert Pinsky. We chatted a little and then i was brazen enough to ask him about the Os (probably bad manners, but I was too curious and i had been presented with that fabulous opportunity). Well, turns out he was from Hoboken, NJ! I felt a little sheepish after that admission. Poor guy. ;-) Still love him to pieces, though. ;-)