NaBloPoMo Avoidance

After the false start last year - we failed on Day One - CG1 and I did not even attempt NaBloPoMo this year. Did not even discuss attempting it.

We consider ourselves successful if we post several times a week - there's no way in Dante's Detroit we were ever going to be able to pull off posting every day during November.

But do you know who *is* posting every day?
Who IS successfully executing NBPM this year, as he is successful every year?

That's right - It's Mr. Fabulous.

If you are not already a fan of Fab Boy Fab, aka Fat Boy Fat, aka Make Lard History, you need you do yourself a favor and pay him a visit.

You will not regret - as you regret buying those orange tie-dye yoga pants (what were you thinking?) - spending time poring over his blog.

You will not hesitate - as you hesitated, for a nanosecond, before inhaling that third Krispy Kreme this morning - to leave a comment.

You will laugh, you will think, you will thank me afterward.

Go. Shoo. Click the Link.


Country Girl said…
I actually signed in to post this morning I could inject an interesting pastime...painted the woodwork, surfed porn, robbed a bank, but the truth is I didn't do anything ;(
Country Girl said…
Ha! My word verification was ASTSA, which is not only our boys plus one, but the same forward as backward. Ain't life GRAND?
fatboyfat said…
Oh gosh (blushes), it's like you're my blog's pimp.