Rabble rousing...

Michael Vick wants to do WHAT?

I'm just gonna post this link and stand back, as the wrath of City Girl singes your eyebrows ;(


City Girl said…
I am not breathing fire, so your eyebrows are safe. I have a very simple solution to this potential problem - a solution that doesn't involve the introduction of a bullet into Vick's grey matter. That'd be too easy.

The ASPCA simply needs to employ a ninja death squad. Surely with the unemployment rate what it is, there are a few unemployed ninjas lurking about.

If you sell a dog to Michael Vick, you will be executed at the hands - or stars or swords - of ninjas.
Comet Girl said…
Michael Vick getting a dog makes about as much sense as me asking a pedophile to babysit.
I know that Michael Vick is trying to work on what he's done wrong, yada yada yada but honestly he didn't just fight these dogs, he and his "goone squad" tortured these poor animals, murdered them, hung them from trees and probably a million other things we don't know about. I don't believe and an ounce of the "It's how I was raised, I didn't know any better" B.S. The only reason he wants to clean up his image is to make more money and be more appealing to his audience since I"m sure there are very few moms that want to purchase a Vick jersey for their kids!

I hope he never gets the chance to own another pet EVER! I think right now it's forbidden. I hope it stays that way.

I'm glad I could rant about this - thank yoU! :)