This, according to The Nice Kid, is a Skank Muffin. No lie. We were in TJMaxx the other day, in the check-out line, and this was hanging there for gullible checker-outers. That would be me.

I picked it up and showed TNK and said, "Cigars? Cigarettes? Tiparillos?" and she said, "Mom, put that down, it's a Skank Muffin." Luckily a friend of mine was passing by and backed me up but it came down to the same thing...TNK had no idea what I was talking about. Which was okay because...what the HELL is a Skank Muffin?

And when we got to bemoaning this, a lot of things like that came up.

My kids will never know that, the times it's erotic to have sex in gym socks? They can thank Linda Ronstadt. (Okay, I'll grant you this one is pretty much limited to the 25-and-under crowd but...there are times it works. Well.)

They don't know who the Breck girl was, or why they can thank her for swingy, shiny hair.

And then, a little while ago, they laughed when I said I used to have orange shag carpet in my bedroom. Because.....everyone knows...shag is a new thing! You have rakes and comb it and...that Mom. She's such a card and she can't remember ANYTHING!
They also don't have a clue why the stud in the movie, Cars, was NOT Lightening McQueen. God bless Doc Hudson...the most beautiful man ever put on this planet ;)


Nina said…
Kris Kristofferson?
Country Girl said…
They know him...even know he wrote "Me and Bobby McGee." But when I laughed the other day that my kids know who sang "Heard it through the grapevine," and it's not the California raisins, another kid asked, "Who are the California raisins?" Sigh ***
Nina said…
I've always wanted to get a class of 3rd-4th graders together, dress them up in white tights, white shoes, and white long-sleeved shirts and gloves, then cut out holes in garbage bags, stuff them with newspaper, and perform that as an act! It would totally go viral! (Please, please, please see if you can talk your kids into this! I so want to see my idea come to fruition, and you could soooo pull it off!!) I know. I'm brilliant. Admit it!
I feel out of touch a bit just living in Alabama - my friends were singing songs this NYE that I had never heard before... then I paused and remembered I am 34, so are they but I don't have children that play youthful music [which all sucks by the way] and I don't watch disney or nick unless I get sucked into an iCarly marathon - I totally watch it alone... "creeper"

Needless to say - I make many mentions of things that most people don't relate to at times... but it really bugs me when I make a dated reference and someone even at age 21 doesn't get... and then she tells me.. wow you're 14 years older than me...

murder is still illegal right?