We Be Pimpin'

Did you know that you don't need a Kindle to read Amazon eBooks?

So if, say, a blogger friend wrote and self-published a book of short stories, and sold it on Amazon, you could download a Kindle app - at no charge - for your Blackberry, iPhone or PC.

Whoda thunk it?

If you were lucky enough to know a very funny blogger person, who is also thought-provoking and who has the cajones to publish an ebook, you would probably be shocked - SHOCKED - to discover this work of devastating literary genius costs a mere $1.99.

That's a pittance! Half the price of a Gingerbread soy latte!

Think about this in terms of Christmas: You could send a loved one a very good read, for a song, get credit for knowing about a brilliant young author before he becomes Robert Pattinson-famous AND earn cool bonus points for giving a techie e-gift.

Well, today is your lucky day because we - and you - DO know of such a creative genius!

Fab Boy Fab has published a short collection of essays and short stories called Little Things and it's a great read.

You really do need to click here now and download a copy. Or send a copy to someone as a gift. Or, preferably, both.

Fabs is funnier than Jon Stewart at a Sarah Palin-themed drag show.
He's sharper than Sarah Jessica Parker's stainless steel Jimmy Choo stilettos.

In short: Buy this book. You won't be disappointed.

And for the love of publishing, tell your friends!!


fatboyfat said…
Oh gosh and blimey. I'm torn.

I'm torn between wanting to blush and gush, and wanting to be terribly British about the whole thing.

I'll go with the former, then. Erm. You rock! (Did I do that right? I never can tell.)

And 'young writer'? You clearly haven't heard the noises I make when getting into - and out of - a low chair these days. I'll never see my thirties again.

I'm very happy that I can add Alabama to my list of places where I'm inexplicably popular.