White Christmas

Here in North Alabama we awoke Christmas morning to a nice, thick blanket of snow - and then it continued to snow. All. Day. Long. It was gorgeous!

Lovely, fat, dry flakes that made the world look clean and, well, Christmas-y. Fortunately it didn't stick to the sidewalks or roadways so we successfully avoided a December 26 headline that might have read: The Great Christmas Run On Milk and Bread.

Walgreen's stores around the Shoals were inundated with holiday revelers panicked into a shopping frenzy on Saturday morning. "My family is lactose intolerant, but we don't want to be the only family in the neighborhood without a gallon of milk in the fridge, come snowfall."

Which makes me wonder: Do people realize the Walgreen family is Jewish and that's why their stores are always open on Christmas? Back in the day, in Yankee-town, Walgreen's was The Only store open on Christmas.

One holiday, during High School, my step-sibs were over on Christmas Day, and we got bored as teenagers do, so we drove over to Walgreen's, bought a box of Preference by L'Oreal and turned my brunette step-sister's hair red. Ho! Ho! Ho!

Anyway, here in Alabama we had a lovely white Christmas, but did not get ANYTHING like this. This is just a-mazing. Now that's a milk-and-bread-worthy snowfall!

December 2010 Blizzard Timelapse from Michael Black on Vimeo.