How did we miss this?

Or...if y'all knew this and didn't tell me?

Apparently there is this huge new food thing and I didn't know about it. And had I not promised...THIS make tamales Sunday? I would SO be all over this.

Okay, go here and check out Bacon Explosion This is the explanation of how the whole thing came about.

THEN, go check out A Variation and let me know how it turns out. Although...I'm thinking.

I could do this. Ahead of time and then unveil it. Or make it ahead of time and then put it on the grill when we get there.

These things are always such good ideas AHEAD OF TIME ;(


Comet Girl said…
I take sections of smoked sausage or kielbasa and wrap in bacon, cover with brown sugar and bake. Meat plus meat with sweet. Big hit at parties.