iPhone 4

This is hilarious.

Yes, I got an iPhone for Christmas, but only because the Hub got one and because I *didn't* get a MacBook. Santa thought it was a good compromise, and I agree.

I do love me some Apple products, but am not a hard-core Mac person...for those of you who are, you might be offended by the cute little cartoon critters.

:: snort! ::

NSFW - Language


Dory said…
Just for shits & giggles, watch this with the Transcribe Audio on. (I had to click thru to YouTube to get the CC button.)
City Girl said…
Dory - LOL

"Big parking deal."

The translation is 10x funnier than the audio!!
Edie Mindell said…
For me it's a good compromise.:-) I'm not really a techie person, but I would totally enjoy an iphone. Happy New Year.:-)
carl said…
I think I peed a little. Hilarious!