My marriage in a nutshell...

The Big Boy is in the kitchen, fixing something for breakfast. He starts doing that thing he does, fumbling about making a lot of noise so that I'll ask him what he needs. So that he can say, "Nothing," and then, like his mother, I'll beg him to tell me what's wrong so that I can fix it.

I ain't his mother ;(

Finally he says, "The toaster doesn't work."

Now, this is a new toaster, bought for the kids who like to put things in a box and watch it pop out. Of course it works, it's brand new. So I get up and go in there, which is what he intended all along.

He pushes the lever down and it futilely pops back up, never catching or acting like it's engaging. He does it a couple of times, with the same result. He steps aside and I push down the lever...same result.

Then...this is us:

He tosses his bread in the sink. "Recall item."

End of discussion.

I'm standing there thinking, "New toaster. I can fix this."

So I plugged it in.

He says, "Well, I couldn't see the plug!!"

And I replied, "Neither could I."

My first boyfriend and I could eat an entire can of fruit cocktail because I only ate the pears and grapes, and he only ate everything else. I guess of such is born a relationship.

This isn't the way I envisioned it ;)


Country Girl said…
I will be 55 in March, which means I only have 45 years to get everything I want to do done. I am...wondering why Fate entrusts life-altering decisions to people without enough sense to make decisions. in my 20's!!
*sings in jingle tune* "Plug it in, plug it in" ^.^
Country Girl said…
I don't know who Ashton David is but honey, you need to go into politics. With a beautiful name like that? You're a shoo-in ;)