The Cure for Homesickness

Remember a few weeks ago when CG1 and I went on and on about getting 9.5 inches of snow here in Alabama? The snow that melted a few days later?

My sister just sent me this pic of her back yard in Chicago.

That bump? It's a 5' deep snowdrift. They're stuck with that shit until April.

Who's homesick? Not me!!

My mother is only 4'11"...she may be buried under there somewhere....


Mrs. Gamgee said…
When I lived in Florida, I missed the winter desparately. Now that I live on the frozen flatland, I can't help but wonder what the hell I was smoking.

Hopefully your mom carries a spoon with her for tunnelling emergencies. :)
TS Hendrik said…
That's nuts. We got rain here instead of snow. I'm more than ok with that.
Indigo said…
That snow was so freaking deep in Milwaukee that my do just walked over the fence in the backyard and took her own walk. We got her back, but still, HOLY SNOW!