Electronic Miscellany

I just downloaded a Confession app.

I would not joke about such a thing. It's called "Confession: A Roman Catholic App."

The app, dubbed "Digital Help for Confessing Catholics" isn't *supposed* to take the place of live-and-in-person Confession, but....we'll see.

I can't wait to learn what sort of punishment forgiveness it doles out.

Along those same lines...I've unFriended a dead person.

She died months ago and it just creeped me out when her business venture sent out sales promotions using her old account...and her lovely face popped up telling me that I had a message from her.

Really? "Jane" sent a message to me? From the great beyond? About a half-off sale?
:: shudder ::

I struggled for a long time...just how awful is it to unFriend the departed if they - or someone - continue to communicate with you?

At least now I have material for my first eConfession...maybe my penance will be to type out five Decades in binary code?


Country Girl said…
We are so good ;) I posted this to my FB today because...I'm Methodist. Which means I pay Protestant tuition which is NOT the same as Catholic tuition. But I LOVE me some Catholics and if I were going to be seriously church religious, it would be with the Catholics ;)
fatboyfat said…
"...and how long since your last Confession, my son?"

"Hmmm, I think I need to plug you into an AC outlet before we get started."