It. Is. Not. Me.

Everyone thinks I'm such a grouch because I'm so hard on The Big Boy.

Y'all have NO IDEA.

A couple of days ago a friend wrote about the South and "false modesty," and that's when I realized...I married the family that formalized the term. The "Protestant work ethic" mutated.

Last week, I took down the bedroom drapes to wash them. This is a north-facing window, so the drapes are primarily for insulation from the wind. No sun. Drapes are still in the upstairs foyer floor. I WILL wash them, I just haven't done it yet. You're bothered? DO IT YOURSELF. Dumbass.

Came home tonight from an out-of-town weekend and NO LIE...he put aluminum foil over the bedroom windows. YOU DID WHAT????? I realized, he thinks he's making a statement but I have news for just said the wrong thing ;(

Last week, I sent him an email requesting a handyman from the plant to install a new stove and over-the-stove microwave I was buying. No biggie.

He told me to wait on the purchase. He puts dozens of these in houses every week, and he was going to check on prices and sizes and what he could get and when he could get it and what we needed and what nauseum. I've heard this song. I once went two weeks without a refrigerator because he was "going to handle it."

He didn't.

So I bought the stove and microwave and gave it to him for our anniversary yesterday.

He is SO touchy ';)


Nina said…
Are you sure you're not married to my husband? Cause I'm pretty sure the man you've described sleeps next to me most nights. (Except when I chuck a pillow and blanket at him when he does something dumb. ;))
Mrs. Gamgee said…
Maybe your hub and my dad are related? My mom (the super fragile, I'll-break-a-rib-reaching-into-the-deep-freeze) had been after him to start taking out the carpet in the living room and replace it with laminate a few years ago. After the new flooring had been sitting in the garage for two weeks, my mom got pissed off and started ripping up the carpet herself... including moving the furniture. Dad came home to find the living room furniture on the deck and the carpet on the front lawn. Needless to say, he got his sorry self to work. Of course, my mother had hurt herself, and spent the next three days in bed. But that's a whole other neurosis.