...a Truman Capote biography on Ovation. Wishing I had busted out, some time...some where.

We had dinner with adult friends Friday night...probably the first time in...two years? At least. Things that came out of that dinner?

I have to clean up my mouth. For real ;) My volume level and my potty mouth level are in direct proportion to my alcohol intake...I know this. But while WE were laughing and having a good time and talking about how pretty the waitress was because...that's what middle-aged people DO...I offended an elderly woman at the table next to us. I have decided I'm mortified...bless her heart...she thought she was coming out to have a nice dinner and she ended up next to a table full of old high school buddies laughing over dumb things. I apologize. Originally, I intended for Saturday to be the day I stopped using dirty words. Turns out, this is like withdrawing from cocaine or alcohol or Seinfeld...can't do it cold turkey. So I'm admitting each time I do it...ooops, shouldn't have said that!! We'll see.

The other thing that came out of that dinner is how far out in left field my life is. Fifty-four years old...children are 30, 15 and ten. Wrooooong. Our friends kept coming up with "things" we should do and we kept...pointing out...can't be there. Gym. Tennis court. Soccer field. Church. Bieber movie. NO! We can't go to Nashville for the weekend. Can't go...well, do anything.

Also realized, wouldn't trade it for anything and I have NO idea what will happen when these kids are out of here. We don't even like each other ;)

Ain't life grand? No matter how things work out...not a dress rehearsal!! And in case you're having problems with life or your internet? Go read this...http:// Easy fix for what ails you....or pleasant ending to a bad story ;)


Comet Girl said…
Your mama raised you right because you have the decency to be mortified for having offended an elderly woman. I tend to have diarrhea mouth when drinking and would like to think I've got as much sense. Most people would just say "fuck her" ;o)
Good luck!