You want WHAT?

A couple of weeks ago I needed a picture. A head shot of myself, to be specific. No problem...I am the camera queen. Last fall when I took my computer in to have it cleaned up? 165,000 PLUS pictures on it. Pictures are my thang ;) The computer guy told The Big Boy I needed to cull "my thang." Been meaning to do that.

Go to find my picture and...there isn't one. At the time there were 1400 PLUS pictures on my camera but....I wasn't in any of them. Well, DUH. I'm the one TAKING them. The pictures that DID include me were taken by ten-year-olds and not a single one included a complete body part, and while sometimes that can be a GOOD thing (thinking saggy chin and ample midsection here) in this case, it didn't work. No picture.

I was sick. As, I explained to the person needing the picture, as a dog. But I got up, put on some makeup, my pearls and a black shirt and went out to take some pictures. End result? Looked like a sick dog with makeup on. I came back in, took off the makeup and went back and tried again. Sent the results with an I can do. Photoshop me or something. I'm going back to bed.

Luckily, I have really talented friends and he dug through the history and found a very appropriate photo. Not necessarily flattering, but the picture my friends and family love. I'm enjoying the fact that the good people in my life don't CARE that I don't patronize Merle Norman, and forgive me my red face days...which far outnumber my "porcelain skin" days at this point in life. Once upon a time, a very large department store paid me for close-ups of my skin...nowadays? The flaws all have a story. The laugh lines are deeper than the frown lines and bottom line...that'll work.

The up side? When your butt slides down, you don't have a line under your butt cheeks. Straight stretch of flesh. Take it where you can get it ;)