Have I played the age card lately?

Yesterday The Not Nice Kid played soccer in arctic conditions. This is The South. It was cold.

After the game, we went to eat with our Besties...the parents who go with the flow and laugh a lot. We laughed a LOT. (That would be because we're funny ;)

Afterwards, we got ready to leave and because of the three beers I had with my dinner...The Nice Kid (who is 15 and has her learner's permit) was driving. We got in the car. She proceeded to back up and I pointed out, "Back up enough to get in the other lane, because you have to turn left."

She backed up. She got in the "other" lane.


Oh, y'all. I lost it. I'm screaming bloody murder for her to GET OUT OF ONCOMING TRAFFIC and the light changes and the ONCOMING TRAFFIC is bearing down on us and...did I mention the screaming-bloody-murder part?

She freaks and...stops. Just stops. Right there in the middle of ONCOMING TRAFFIC. Oncoming Traffic was not amused. Oncoming Traffic put on her Not-Amused Face and glared at us.

I made TNK get out of the car and let me drive. Hell...three beers down and I'm STILL not confused. YOU, on the other hand, are CLUELESS.

A friend and I talked about this this morning...about how this generation's decision-making skills are lacking because we never let them make decisions. I've decided to work on this except...NOT IN THE ONCOMING LANE.

We'll talk about it later ;(


jon said…
I have learned to let my wife drive. My driving scares her. She is always slamming on that passenger side imaginary brake.
I tired of the screaming and crying. I should let her drive and I should keep my mouth shut. I must learn to ignore those fake right, turn left manuevers, I should ignore it when she is making a left turn into oncoming traffic and the light changes...she backs up even if she is in the intersection. I should ignore it when the light changes and she sits at the intersection for about 5 seconds. If I dare say the light has changed I am in big trouble.