On the horns of a dilemma....

The title doesn't have anything to do with anything, I've just always loved the way it sounds. Same with "wax eloquent," which was the subject of a Charlie Brown comic strip 40 years ago. I took the comic strip to my English teacher because...it was so WITTY! And just...made me want to do things with a pen. Witty things. It's coming ;)

Having one of those weeks...which will be really funny NEXT week. The weather is amazing here, and we had a riverside picnic Saturday. Followed by some basketball, some more basketball, a nap and then...all hell broke loose. I fell over a rake. Not the way cartoon characters fall over rakes...you know, where they step on it and it pops up and smacks them in the face? THIS rake had its tines firmly planted in the ground and when I stepped on it? I went down. With a chair. My foot and my elbow went first. That's the second time this week, which suggests I wear that ankle brace fulltime.

I've realized something...the second best thing about having kids? As well as the second worst thing about having kids? Parents of kids. Most fun and most trouble...other kids parents. Having said that? I'd like to throw my name in the hat for luckiest parent ever. Life is fun.

The Not Nice Kid has a stomach virus, the onset of which was announced at SOMEONE ELSE'S HOUSE. I finally put her in the car at 2:30 in the morning and came home...I know how to run the washer and dryer here. Which brings us to...

After two full days of nonstop activity, my super-dee-dooper dryer, which talks to you and dries stuff and is amazing...decided not to heat. I've pulled it out and unplugged it, so the little computer guy can reset, but there's a good chance something needs to be replaced. I hope I can do the replacing as opposed to having to pay someone from Sears to replace it because they seem to consider a service visit equivalent to a semester's tuition, and I'm more in need of a semester's tuition. ALTHOUGH...last fall I paid the trade school to make me clothesline poles. They're still in a prone position in the back yard but...I can dig holes. I usually do it with The Nice Kid, who has tennis elbow, but I can dig holes.

Spring. I wish the seasons would stop here, until fall. I hate summer.

If I don't get some sleep tonight? I'm going to check into a hotel and collapse ;) With clean sheets ;)


crystal.cattle said…
i love witty titles. I need to work on that.