Dear Tacky Police:

I have a confession to make. Not an apologetic confession, but a "feel obligated" confession. I'm only doing this because I'm thinking that if you're watching me? And I DON'T confess? You'll think I didn't know that what I'm doing is...tacky.

(You're not paranoid if they're really watching you ;)

Those fake Christmas candles that go in the front windows of the house at Christmas? The ones on timers? Or something?

Mine are still up. On the window sills. On purpose. Because I want them there.

Now, I have solar lights at the base of the outside windows. But THESE lights, the Christmas candles, are amazing. They're like...night lights with balls. Night lights for big boys, as opposed to little girls with princess-shit by the bed.

These lights are soft yet bright, competent without being pushy, there when needed as opposed to in my FACE.

I might marry these lights. So. Apology rescinded.

My bad ;(


Country Girl said…
For some reason, I keep wanting to say, "...AN feel-obligated..." Which I wouldn't pay attention to except I used to work in the English department for a linguistician and...the H keeps tripping me up. Which has nothing to do with this excepting the "feeling."
Merisi said…
A still have the swag from Christmas hanging over my living room door. I am always either early (November) or late (April). Since 2006.