It may not even be in color ;(

Oh, Lord, y' is time. Luckily, last time. But it is time for...The Sex Video. The one they show in school. The Not Nice Kid is in...fifth grade? I'm pretty sure ;) and Friday I got a permission wait. That's not what it was.
It was an invitation.
APPARENTLY, there are parents who screen this sort of thing. Now, this is a nice little private Catholic school and I'm pretty sure there aren't any chains, creams or alternative sexual practices in this film, but then again...I'm on the third kid. The one who's lucky to get fed or picked up from school...which is really funny because I forgot her at soccer practice last week. In my defense, I was at The Nice Kid's tennis match but...yep. Slam ass forgot TNNK. Luckily, I have backup parents who look around the empty parking lot and say, "Ooops, CG forgot her kid again." They deliver ;)
But the paper had a place for me to check whether or not I would attend tonight's screening of the film. I checked "will not attend." Returned it. And then emailed the teacher because, just in case? Told her: I'm pretty sure I've got this down, but let me know if y'all have come up with anything I've never heard of or tried.
Professional student. English, History, Education, Nutrition...creative sexual practices as taught by the Catholic Church? Probably not ;)
Do keep in mind that I lovelovelove me some Catholics. Given the school choices around here I, as a faithful lapsed Methodist, chose the Catholics because I want my children taught tolerance. And if you're from this corner of the universe? There are some really mean judgemental people attending church four days a week around here ;(  I am, unfortunately, related to most of them.


Madame Meow said…
Holy crap. Just.... holy, and crap.
Dory said…
They need to bring me in for some follow-up.