Bless It

No, I haven't died, and if you read CG1's last two posts, you aren't surprised to learn I'm still breathing. Okay, it's more like an exhausted wheeze, but still....

So, you might remember that The Hubster owns an event management company (rents giant tents, builds stage props, throws casino parties - dealers and pit boss included).

Last weekend he had a prom...out in the country. I don't want to identify the county in which this patch of "country" is located lest I offend someone's kinfolk, but suffice to say, an F4 tornado ripped through the middle of it and no structures were damaged. The Country.

Anyhoodle, a few hours after the onset of The Prom, the prom sponsor texts Hub with the image above. The girl in the picture is wearing a cammo dress (that would be a dress made out of camouflage material, for all you other City Girls) and her bouquet is made up of:

Calla lilies
Fishing Lures
and Shotgun Shells

She is going to make some man (or woman) a damn good wife someday.


Comet Girl said…
Nuh uh! Shut up! Girl I NEED more details. You must email me with the skinny!
Amy Collins said…
I want to see that dress!!!!