Friday Funny

The Queen has been in the American news constantly during the last few weeks, what with The Wedding, Liz's apparently mind-bending trip to Ireland and Obama's stay in Buckingham Palace.

Maybe that's why this image caught my attention.

Wouldn't this be an amazing Halloween costume?

First, the Queen (observe a moment of silence for Mr. Mercury here):
Sterilizingly tight leather pants, shag chest toupee, a crosswalk-thick layer of guyliner and a muskrat pet for a mustache.

Then The Queen:
Over this fabulous assemblage of man parts you don a perfectly square, Crayola-colored gown and $100M worth of jew-ells plundered from former members of The Realm.

Et viola! I can't wait until October...."Oh, Huu-uubby! Do I have a costume for you!"