Okay, the problem is...

...in the midst of the stuff to make fun of???? Which is what we do most of the time on here?

There's a whole lot of mean shit. And I am SIMMERING today, over the mean shit.

How can you have mean shit with fifth grade girls??? Ten-year-olds. Still laughing and growing and moving.

Well, just let me tell you. One of the advantages of being me? FIFTY-FIVE years old? Is that I've been there and done that. The charity ball? The service league? The PTO? I did it. I don't have to do it again and I am REALLY sorry that you still think it is important. Check back when you're my age....there are a lot of people and causes and organizations that need your help, and they don't care if you dress up or not. The lady across the street? Doesn't care if I throw a party to bring her hot supper when the power is out or not. Good deeds are good deeds.

So I'm going to say now that...I have no delusions about my kids. I DO, however, know what they've been taught and so I'll say now....

...if my child ever goes to an eleven-year-old's birthday party? A party hosting all ten of the little girls at her private school? And draws a picture of everyone there EXCEPT the small, quiet, Vietnamese girl? And if the SQVG asks why she isn't in the picture and my child says, "Well, NEVER MIND," and scribbles out the entire picture and throws it in the trash???? You need to tell me.

If my child ever goes on a group trip, ESPECIALLY if it's a church trip??? And announces to a GROUP of people? NOT one person, but a GROUP of people? That the diabetic child in the community is not a "real" diabetic, but diabetic because she's "fat?" The diabetic child with a bodyfat percentage of AT MOST 18%??? You need to tell me.

I have no delusions...if it weren't for the joint issues in my hands I'd beat a kid once a day just on principle. But at the same time????

People...this isn't okay. It's REALLY not okay.

My kid tears into a dominant/bully/mean kid? You're on your own. But leave the nice people alone ;(


Comet Girl said…
In my mind, probably because of the generation I grew up in, there are three kinds of girls, Laura, Mary and Nelly. I'm trying my best to raise a Laura. A spunky, athletic, smart and kind child. A kid who sticks up for herself and her loved ones. I'd take a Mary, smart, sweet, tender hearted. BUT, if mine turned out to be a Nelly...I’d beat her at least once a day, everyday. It sounds to me like this little priss is a Nelly. (If you don't know who these people are, you're too damn young to read this blog.)
Country Girl said…
AHHHH....go read today's post ;) And you are SO right!!