Time marches on...

...and it seems there's a lot to learn ;)
Used to, when I was hanging with the parents of The Nice Kid's peers, every now and then I would roll my eyes and laugh, "Oh, my Lord...I bet you weren't even born when Kennedy was shot." (TNK is the miracle kid I had in my old age at 40.)
The last time I made that crack, in a group of The Not Nice Kid's peer's parents, I was the only one THERE who was born when Kennedy was shot. I shut up after that. (TNNK is the kid God sent when I was 44, to explain to me that I had NO idea what a miracle should be ;)
Yesterday a group of parents were chatting and someone made a crack about selling plasma and then someone else made a crack about selling eggs, and I made a crack about everyone hushing before we got into TMI and Hal opening the pod doors.
No one knew what I was talking about.
WHO'S HAL????? For real??? They didn't have a clue and when I got to thinking about it I'm guessing mid-70's and no...they probably weren't born.
You know, in 1974. The year I graduated from high school.


Governor Jen said…
People who don't know about Hal are just uncultured. I can make this statement, because was born in 1976, and I know about Hal. Which is why I thought it was a totally appropriate reference at my last team meeting. I got a lot of blank stares from the room. Apparently most of the people in the room were born in the late 80s. Totally uncultured lot.
Comet Girl said…
Hal 9000: "What are you doing, Dave?"
This movie came out in 1968, the year I was born and I've seen it. There's just no excuse for missing the classics ;0). I mean "Gone with the Wind" came out in 1939 and most everyone's seen that. Right? I'm a lot older than most of the parents in my daughter's class. The one I can most relate to is also a grandmother cause her oldest (21) just had a baby. That does so much for your self esteem. I reached that point today as a matter of fact. I had to get the birth date of a new employee. When he said 1988, 2 years after I graduated from high school, I almost threw up. I'm now old enough to be these guys' mother! I don't feel
so good...
Alicia said…
oh crap...i don't know who hal is... i guess i should go google that. i don't want to be banned!