Eating crow again...

Seems like someone could do something about that "youth wasted on the young..." thing. There are a bunch of things I sincerely regret, but one of them is something I swore would never matter. History. Who the hell needs to know about a bunch of musty old things and people that are gone?

I was wrong.

My high school history teacher was a gift from above, and I didn't have sense enough to know it. At the time, I was sure that there was no point in my life I would ever need to know any of the things he so avidly shared with us. Then later on, that "doomed to repeat itself," thing kicked in and y'all....will someone talk some sense into THESE kids?

The midi-dresses may just be an opinion, but I don't think so. Those things are just UGLY...they were ugly in the 60's when they first showed up, and they're ugly now. At least then, they were coupled with a LOT of ugly...everyone, male and female alike, had long stringy hair parted in the middle. Shoes were ugly...clogs. Mocassins. Platform things that made you look like you were walking around with bricks tied to your feet. I saw a woman in public somewhere last week, wearing a midi-dress...and had to ask The Nice Kid if that's what it was. I couldn't tell if the woman was in her nightgown or not. Walking around in 2011, with well-coifed hair and nicely maniciured nails and...wearing a shower curtain? Jars the senses.

(It probably also helped that in the 60's? Everyone was stoned. Lots of things that later turned out not to be such a good idea looked good through a haze of smoke...Corvairs and DDT immediately come to mind ;)

The black socks on athletes? Not an opinion...that shit is U-G-L-Y-ugly, too. First time I saw a kid on the tennis courts wearing black socks, I burst out laughing because OBVIOUSLY, he had forgotten his bag and had had to borrow a pair from someone.

Wrong. He was making a fashion statement and apparently, I'm the only one who thinks that if he's going to wear those socks, he needs a pair of Bermuda shorts, sandals and a camera hanging around his neck. Black socks+shorts=old men from up North. Can't fix it.

But THIS one??? I put my foot down on this way, no how and I don't care WHO does it? I will ground your ass for eternity. I promise.

Bobby pins. Bobby pins, in your hair, deliberately used to be seen.

NOT fancy bobby pins. Not colored bobby pins, or jewelled bobby pins, or feathered or beribboned bobby pins. Brown metal bobby pins with plastic ends. Y'all, that's just WRONG. Tacky, cheap, ugly WRONG. And not just wrong but...why???? Why in the world, with all the cool things just BUSTING out all over at The Tar-Jhey, would anyone ever think that bobby pins were a good idea? They go in BUNS, for pete's sake, buried down in your hair so they can't be seen. THAT'S WHY THEY'RE BROWN. Common, uneventful, nondescript brown.

Ugly brown.

Then again, I'm the one who loves my baggy shorts with elastic across the back waist. Which is, as either City- or Comet-Girl pointed out...sort of like half a mullet.

Can't fix ugly ;)


Comet Girl said…
As always with trends there are about 2 women in the whole world that look good in them and they are both 5' 11" and weight 110 lbs. It all comes back around. I think it gives the younger generation an opportunity to look like crap and years later look back at old photos and say, "What the Hell was I thinking". I was a teenager in the 80's I know what I'm talking about.
P.S. I have to give City credit for the half mullet ;o)
Country Girl said…
That's so true....I didn't weigh 100 pounds til I was...18? Hip huggers were just that....they hung off my hip bones. That's another one that didn't make the interpretation....everyone I see in "low rise" jeans today looks like the waistband is holding up their fat ;( PLUS, they give you SpongeBob butt.
City Girl said…
I use 100 ugly brown bobby pins a day - all hidden deep within the nest of curls...NEVER intended to be seen.

The Elastic Situation: It's a good thing you're smart, funny and thoroughly attractive because you're going nowhere with your attitude toward fashion, young lady.
jon said…
We had our quirkly little rebellious ways of dressinf in the 50's and 60's. White bucks, DA haircuts, t-shirts with a pack of lucky stikes in the sleeve. How about Brylcream?

But at least I knew how to wear a hat, and my underwear was inside my pants, and my crotch was not at my knees.

If I had dressed like they do today, I would be put into some kind of facility where some one would be responsible for dressing me and feeding me.