Someone is making $$$ off this!!!

There's this app the kids put on my phone. It's free (I hope!) but it has ads that, I'm pretty sure, pay the app writer/inventor/whatever.

So The Not Nice Kid tries it and gets, "Soothing." HAHAHAHAHAHA!! The kid came OUT pissed off and has been on a roll ever since. Wrong!

The Nice Kid tries it. This child is 170 pounds of solid muscle, can work like a man in Phil Campbell (tornado relief) and is the backbone of this family. Her reading said, "Delicate." Beginning to have doubts.

They put MY thumb on there? "Somber, dull and not affected by alcohol."

I couldn't make this up ;)


That is too funny!! Maybe it's an 'opposite day' app?

But seriously, that's awful that it was wrong 3 out of 3 times.

Nothing beats the hold-in-your-hands-magic-eight-ball.